01 July 2011

We've Moved!

Announcing my new website location!

Last February when I was at Pantheacon, I went to several Hindu and Pagan interfaith panel discussions. Mihir Meghani, M.D., co-founder of the Hindu American Foundation participated in the discussions and had many insights, but one of the statistics he shared stuck with me. He mentioned that, after the Jewish community, the Hindu community was the most prosperous religious minority in the United States.

I suspect there are several reasons the Hindu community is so economically vital: focus on higher education, careers in high-paying jobs, living with extended family to reduce costs. etc. Pagans seem to generally share some of those values, but do not tend to share in the prosperity.

With recent events: Patrick McCollum's defeat in his recent lawsuit against the California Department of Corrections, the wrongful termination suit of Carole Smith, the Haiti and Japan disasters; it has become increasingly apparent that the Pagan community needs to be able to offer more than energy and prayers. The Pagan community needs to be as economically prosperous as other religious minorities because it costs money to defend our civil rights and to offer aid to those for whom we feel solidarity and compassion.

It is with this aim in mind - to support and promote the financial growth of the Pagan Community that I have started the Pagan Chamber of Commerce Project. Members of the PCOCP will have the opportunity to have their business listed in a public Directory. In the future, they will also receive a newsletter focused on business practices and financial literacy. Depending upon the success of the PCOCP, I may elect to mediate a pagan business discussion at Pantheacon 2012.

My blog, in addition to the Pagan Chamber of Commerce Project have moved to a new site. I am continuing to write about health, money and sustainable living, in addition to the occasional miscellaneous topic. You will recognize old posts that have been edited or rewritten.

The new site is still under construction, but it's nearly finished and there aren't any sharp nails or loose pieces of wood lying about to flummox a new reader. Without further ado...