08 April 2011

Money: Getting Our Attention

Many years ago, an acquaintance of mine - a Ceremonial Magician - said to me that our Gods have many methods of gaining our attention; the most popular way was to 'mess with our money'. Over the years, I have heard similar statements from other Pagans of varying paths. The bottom line is - if our Gods are unhappy with us, they will cut off our allowance like a punishing parent.

This doesn't sit well with me. Why would I spend my time developing a relationship with deity who would vindictively harm my financial well-being if I had somehow offended her or him?

My first problem with the idea of financial punishment is that it is petty. I can conceive of no way to reconcile what I know of the divine with this characterization of mean-spirited spitefulness. My Gods have been a source of comfort, beauty, wisdom and protection. I can't imagine them toying with my cash flow to make a point.

The second problem I have with this train of thought is that it isn't effective communication. If our Gods are trying to get our attention or change behavior, jeopardizing one's ability to eat and keep a roof over their heads isn't going to elicit stronger feelings or behaviors of a spiritual nature. If anything, it keeps people scrambling to meet their needs for survival and tied up with bureaucracy. I can't think of a worse way to get someone's attention.

Perhaps I am naive, but even Aristotle recognized that "happiness seems to require a modicum of external prosperity." I can't think of an ancient culture that did not have a God or Goddess of prosperity and wealth. I like to think that the divine wants us to prosper, to have the things we need; then we are free to have leisure and contemplate the cosmos and our place in it and our relationship to the Gods.

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  1. I agree!! One of the reasons I left Christianity is because I couldn't believe in a hateful God. I believe our deities want us to be happy and successful!