11 April 2011

Environment: Home Decor

Beauty is important to me, essential even. I find beauty to be nourishment for my soul, yet my aesthetics are rather eclectic. I love the intricate, nature-inspired work of art nouveau and the rich, detailed pieces of Waterhouse and other Neoclassicists and Pre-Raphaelites. I also love the stark beauty of desert landscapes and the postminimalists. One of my favorite artists as a teen was Patrick Nagel; his extreme stylism and streamlined images evoke ancient Egyptian art.

My tastes, especially in home decoration, lean sharply toward the clean lines and uncluttered minimalism of Scandinavian design. I abhor tchotchkes and knick-knacks. I seldom decorate for the holidays. I favor live plants over cut flowers. Despite the lack of decoration, I have left an indelible mark on my surroundings. Somehow, my home is deeply personalized and beautiful.

I have a close girlfriend who is a wonderful decorator. Her home is always beautiful - it is filled with beautiful things. During various holidays, her home is always festive and decorated with items associated with that particular time of the year. She enjoys bringing out the decorations she's collected over the years and everyone who visits her home enjoys seeing them.

I tend to think of decorating, especially for holidays, as a big hassle. Everything has to be drug out of the garage, closet or attic, organized, put out and hung up and after a few weeks, the process is repeated in reverse. I find no joy in the prospect of decorating, so I don't bother. Perhaps I'm too practical or utilitarian for decorating to be a part of my household affairs. Others however, love to decorate and happily spend hours putting colored lights, ornaments, flowers, ribbons, and other decorative items around their home, arranged just so to showcase their delights.

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